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Coming from a family of winegrowers in the Moselle valley in Germany, Eva Reh grew up in the vineyards discovering a love for the land and a passion for wine passed down from one generation to another.

This wine love story began after World War II with Eva's grandfather who bought wine in bulk from Burgundy. Francophile and lover of great wines, in 1954 he acquired his first vines Chambolle Musigny-Village in Burgundy.

In 1982, Eva's father had the opportunity to own Domaine Bertagna in Vougeot.

Young Eva wanted to study "design", but also dreamed of living in "Paris" to learn the French language. Her father advised her to make a more "serious" choice regarding her studies, but the idea of his daughter learning French actually delighted him. However, It is in Dijon that Eva will finally settle to study the language of Voltaire.

This unforeseen turn of events will allow Eva to take her first steps on a road to a glorious destiny. Once in Dijon, it is at the Domaine that Eva will spend most of her time, and it is also where she will start to develop a passion for the vineyards, an affinity for wine and a sensitivity for Burgundy.


Intelligent and curious, Eva decides to pursue her passion for wine, hoping one day to return to work at the family estate, Domaine Bertagna. Thus, she began her career like everyone else as an intern in Germany, then continued in the years that followed to perfect her apprenticeship in different vineyards, and later for wine distributors in England.


It was in 1988 that Eva moved to France to manage and restructure the Domaine Bertagna.

She said: "to work and be responsible for a vineyard is to take care of these unique soils that produce wines. This is why each bottle tells a different story. Thanks to the viticultural and wine-making practices that are respectful of our traditions, we hope to leave our future generations, a richer soil than the one we initial found. It also means setting up projects for the future and sharing our experiences with people that are as passionate as we are."

Domaine Bertagna now produces 18 appellations, including 5 Grand Cru and 8 Premier Cru, 2 Village and 3 Generic. All the magic happens in the “terroir”: the richness of the soils and its cultivation practices is what makes the difference between the appellations.

Behind the magic,

passionate  wine  lovers


Stéphanie Poisier



Arnaud Lecoeur

Head of vineyard

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Franck Ambeis

Cellar Master

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