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Chardonnay - Les Croix Blanches

Whether it’s through literature, music, sculpture or painting, for centuries creativity and wine have been intrinsically linked: Artists have sought inspiration by drinking the wine, and bottles of wine have been created unique, beautiful and refined just like a painting that defies time.

We wanted to reflect these empirical relationships between art and wine on our Bourgogne Chardonnay Les Croix Blanches bottle, thus we began representing an artist on the bottle’s label every year.

Our labels

2018 vintage
Peter Denier



In 2020 we changed our label for the first time to share the work created by artist Peter Denier. Thank you Peter, for honoring our bottle (2018 vintage) with a joyful sensuality and a unique charm. We quote your words "wine is the joy of living". 


2019 vintage
Nathalie Razavet

Bourgogne Chardonnay Les Croix Blanches Domaine Bertagna


En 2021 it is the work of the artist Nathalie Razavet “La Vouge” that will celebrate our Bourgogne Chardonnay vintage 2019. Thank you Nathalie for representing Burgundy, in particular the Vouge River in such finesse, elegance and beauty

2020 Vintage
Tomoyo Hiroishi

Bourgogne Chardonnay Les Croix Blanches Domaine Bertagna

In 2022 it is the work of the artist Tomoyo Hiroishi "Freedom is, where anything goes.", winner of the Art&Vin competition, that will celebrate our Bourgogne Chardonnay vintage 2020. Thank you Tomoyo for representing the theme ‘Liberte’ with such surreal fun and joy.

2021 Vintage
Marjan Zahed Kindersley


In 2023 it is the work of the artist Marjan Zahed Kindersley that will give our Bourgogne Chardonnay vintage 2021 a beautiful engaging abstract expression, a blend of modern and ancient technique.

2022 Vintage
Annalene Van Der Colff


In 2024 the artwork of Annalene Van Der Colff celebrates our Bourgogne Chardonnay vintage 2022. Her vibrant flower expression, brimming with joy, infuses each moment with a burst of color and life that delights the senses.


Domaine Bertagna Bourgogne Les Croix Blanches Chardonnay Vin Blanc White Wine
Chardonnay - Les Croix Blanches


Chardonnay 100%

Density of vines: 10 000 stocks/ha

Pruning style: Guyot


Surface: 1ha 81

Located on Nuits Saint Georges township

Clay-limestone soil


Organic work of the soil

Green harvesting

Hand picking, hand sorting


The non-destemmed grapes are pressed, followed by a cold

maceration for 48 hours

Alcoholic fermentation in barrel and stainless steel tank


From 10 to 12 months

40 % in oak barrels

60% in stainless steel tank


Soft and fruity,  aromas of fresh and dried fruits, juicy final

​Matching food: Fish, like plaice. White meat or poultry, goat cheese

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