<h1>DOMAINE BERTAGNA</h1> <br> <h2>Welcome</h2> Welcome to Domaine Bertagna - "elegance and purity of the fruit, foe all terroirs and each wine and vintage". <br><br> <h2>News</h2> 23.11.15<br>Wine and Spirits - Vougeot 1er Cru Clos de La Perrière 2012<br>Domaine Bertagna &quot;2012 Vougeot 1er Cru Monopole Clos de la Perrière: Bertagna ... produced a 2012 ... that could pass for Chambolle in its floral elegance. The scent may keep you coming back to find beeswax, chamomile, wild flowers, roses, all brightening the darker black-raspberry tones of the fruit. It's complex and heady, firmly built. Esprit du Vin, Port Whashington, NY&quot;.<br><br><br><br> <a href="the_domaine.php">The Domaine</a> <a href="wine_making.php">Wine_Making</a> <a href="domaine_bertagna_across_four_seasons.php">Domaine Bertagna across four Seasons</a> <a href="wines_of_the_domaine.php">Wines of the Domaine</a> <a href="contact_us.php">Contatc Us</a> <a href="news.php">News</a> <a href="../pages-fr/index2.php">Version Française</a> <a href="../pages-de/index2.php">deutsche Version</a> <br> <a href="http://www.vinium.com/">Creation Vinium Business & Design</a>