<h1>DOMAINE BERTAGNA</h1> <br> <h2>Welcome</h2> Welcome to Domaine Bertagna - "elegance and purity of the fruit, foe all terroirs and each wine and vintage". <br><br> <h2>News</h2> 15.07.16<br>Message from Eva reh-Siddle<br>We bottled the 2014 wines late April. I am extremely satisfied with the aromas, the intensity and the typicity of this vintage which will be already pleasant in its youth. At last the sun is back in Burgundy. You might consider to stop in our region, on your way to your holidays, to discover our &quot;climats&quot; inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List and to visit us too. We wish you a pleasant summer time. Kind regards. Eva Reh-Siddle<br><br><br><br> <a href="the_domaine.php">The Domaine</a> <a href="wine_making.php">Wine_Making</a> <a href="domaine_bertagna_across_four_seasons.php">Domaine Bertagna across four Seasons</a> <a href="wines_of_the_domaine.php">Wines of the Domaine</a> <a href="contact_us.php">Contatc Us</a> <a href="news.php">News</a> <a href="../pages-fr/index2.php">Version Française</a> <a href="../pages-de/index2.php">deutsche Version</a> <br> <a href="http://www.vinium.com/">Creation Vinium Business & Design</a>